Hey! Krystal here...

I’m from both the Jersey Shore and Pittsburgh, PA. A beach girl who craves a good pork roll, egg and cheese who also speaks fluent Pittsburghese. I’m basically bilingual.

I’m obsessed with Disney. How obsessed? Enough to get married on Castaway Cay and now ⅓ of my weddings shoots are Disney weddings. And you should probably know that all my favorite characters are the villains...Mwahaha!

I made him cookies...it was Love at first bite.

We have three nutcases—I mean, kids. Mia is 7, in school, and excited to be a big person. Vince is 5 and hasn’t slept since he was born. Then there is the baby, Nico.  Hes 8 months old and never stops smiling. They are the best things on the planet. 

What else? Well, I love the outdoors, especially lakes (just don’t ask me to say water, the Jersey girl comes out). I’ve been on 10 Disney cruises and I’m not done yet! If all else fails my backup career is stormchaser based on my all time favorite movie Twister.

That’s me. Want to know more about how I operate behind the camera?

I met my husband in college. He played football. I was a cheerleader.



Lizzy anticipates needs and captures beautiful, hidden moments. She has been in the wedding photography game for over 10 years. I trust her with my own family's memories, so that’s saying something. Whether adventuring, thrifting, riding horses, playing soccer or teaching yoga, Lizzy always has a smile on her face.

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