Disney Magic Cruise Vow Renewal

Vow Renewal

Nov 12, 2019

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Disney Magic Cruise Ship Vow Renewal Krystal Healy Photography

Reese and Clarissa renewed their vows in a February 16th ceremony on the Palo Deck of a Disney Magic Cruise ship back in 2018. This was such a magical experience for everyone involved!

Clarissa And Reese: Destination Vow Renewal

For their 10-year wedding anniversary, these two decided to do a big vow renewal—and what better place to do it than on a magical cruise? Their friends had invited them along to the Disney cruise, so they decided to take advantage of the opportunity to renew their vows and make a big party out of it.

I went along as a solo shooter, but on the day of the ceremony, I was still able to spend time with Reese in the morning and get in all the pictures of both of them that they wanted. Afterwards, we were able to use the ship itself for some fun photos! My favorite images were the ones right after the ceremony where we used the edges of the ship for sunset pictures. And, of course, we had to get iconic Disney Cruise photos with the ship’s big red funnel!

Disney Magic Cruise Wedding Photography

I can’t say enough wonderful things about how much Disney threw into helping these two have an unforgettable vow renewal ceremony. They took care of most of the details like the cake, the champagne, and the flowers—though Reese and Clarissa did also bring their own music as well as monogrammed shot glasses and gift bags.

But for as fun as it was to be on the cruise, I have to say that my favorite moment 1000% had to be when they said their vows. I was honestly choked up as these two high school sweethearts promised themselves to each other all over again—this time in front of their two princesses. It was beautiful to witness, and I loved how their daughters got to see this celebration of true love.

Beyond the wedding, we all honestly had such a great 4-day vacation. We even got to see the world premiere of Black Panther, since Marvel is now owned by Disney! We all really got to know one another after spending all our dinner times together at the wonderful restaurants, so we were much closer than we would have been for a one-day wedding shoot. It helped me to be able to capture the day in a more intimate way!

Clarissa & Reese, thank you for letting me be part of your vow renewal! Thanks also to Disney for making this one magical week!

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