Michelle and Chad’s Phipps Conservatory Wedding


Jun 23, 2020

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Phipps Conservatory Wedding Krystal Healy Photography

Michelle and Chad were married on November 11 with an amazing Phipps Conservatory wedding. It was such a pleasure to be their wedding photographer and these two had me teary-eyed for their entire wedding day. For the best reasons, of course!

Michelle and Chad’s Phipps Conservatory Wedding

I was referred over to these two by a former couple. (Heyyy, Melinda & Carlos! [link to https://www.krystalhealy.com/blog/gateway-clipper-wedding/ ]) Melinda was even one of the Maids of honor. Of course, it took her reminding me who she was before I realized!

What can I say?

People look a lot different when they aren’t in a wedding gown! And, I’ll admit, I was so focused on Michelle that it took me a second to recognize Melinda. Overall, it was SO nice to have that extra support from a previous bride. I think it helped to get some really great photos with Michelle and Chad because they already knew my wedding photography style and how I work! It also helps that spent time together at their engagement session. Even though Chad was busting me because it was an EARRRLY sunrise session I made him wake up for LOL. It was all worth it though, right, Chad??

Phipps Conservatory Wedding Photography

Their wedding day was filled with so many emotional, beautiful moments. Chad’s daughter was a bridesmaid – and to see the look on his face when he first saw his little girl made me lose it. It was SO sweet. As a parent, that emotion totally resonated me. They grow up SO fast. And then, when he first saw Michelle walking down the aisle to marry him? Well, let’s just say there was not a dry eye in the house. It was all so sentimental. I loved being able to capture it! Days like this, moments like this, they remind me why I love being a wedding photographer. Their Phipps Conservatory ceremony was unforgettable.

I asked Michelle and Chad if they had advice for other Pittsburgh couples planning a wedding. They shared that it is important not to be afraid to ask for help. They also shared that the Pittsburgh Bridal Flea Market was an amazing resource for anyone planning a Pittsburgh wedding.

Michelle and Chad, you were such a great, fun-loving couple. I am so happy I was a part of your wedding. Thank you for trusting me to capture your memories! I hope you have an amazing time on your cruise to Belize, Honduras, and Cozumel!

What a great adventure to start your life as husband and wife! Congratulations!

Thank you to their Pennsylvania Wedding Vendors

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